Facebook's CrowdTangle Tool is not effective when it comes to monitoring misinformation: Tech Transparency Project

Technology these days have made our lives so easier that in few days we will not even need to leave our houses for voting's in the elections. Facebook recently launched a tool known as CrowdTangle which helps the state officials in finding the voting misinformation.

Many times public think that the elections were rigged so in order to check it Facebook launched this tool so that they can provide a proof to the nation.

After launching this app Facebook reached out to the state representatives so that they can check this tool before the US elections of 2020. Because of this app now the US public can easily get to know what's happening in the political world. Through this tool, everyone can easily look for the candidate's speeches, promises and ratings under one app.

But as per a report by TTP (Tech Transparency Project), this tool doesn't monitor all the Facebook and Instagram accounts. TTP further explained that this tool only monitors Public Facebook accounts and Instagram accounts with over 75000 followers hence it might be a failure. However, another report stated that all the information can be easily tracked if Facebook adds the information of private users in the database of this tool. But this suggestion might not work as a Facebook executive stated that they might not be able to do it because of privacy concerns.

TTP also stated that Facebook is hiding a lot of information from the states like hiding some of the officials who are trying to vote. As per TTP Facebook is trying really hard to convince the US state officials in using this app for 2020 elections. They are doing this by providing separate CrowdTangle accounts to each candidate.

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg himself stated that they want a partnership with state election authorities, and with the help of CrowdTangle each and every candidate will be treated equally. They will do this by allowing new political advertisements in the week before the elections and removing the claims of candidates who call themselves victors before the result is announced.

Critics believe that this Facebook tool can give current US President Donald Trump an extra edge so that he could get higher votes this time. A lot of reporters are saying that this new tool is not fair and will not give accurate information

The Facebook officials also haven't replied yet in order to disagree with the blames of the reporters.

State officials have not yet made a decision on whether it will use CrowdTangle for the 2020 elections but the public is completely against this Tool as this might result in a rigged election.

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