Data shows 3 in 10 of the websites track down your data and send it to Facebook

The modern technology is not only what you think, there are various aspects which you never thought would be true but now the researchers have proved them.

Have you ever wondered how your thoughts, recent searches and conversations often show on your Facebook newsfeed? The reason behind this is very simple usually websites and apps have Facebook Pixels in them, and these Pixels record your conversations and searches. Later they send your searches to Facebook and advertisements appear on your newsfeed related to that searches.

Facebook pixels run behind over a million websites and even if your Facebook is logged of it still will keep a record of your searches. People years back had no idea of these Facebook Pixels and they used to get scared when things they searched appeared on their newsfeed.

As technology advances, developers started making tools that will let you know which websites have Facebook Pixels. One of these tools is known as Blacklight. This tool is Developed by The Markup.

Although these Facebook Pixels are hidden and not everyone would know about it, they will be collecting all your information and many times people make personal searches. These searches are also saved by Facebook pixels. As per the latest research, 30% of the websites have Facebook Pixels in them.

Facebook Pixels send user's data to Facebook and often the shifting of the data results in the hacking of your accounts. Websites like WebMD where people make their searches are also connected with Facebook pixels, therefore there are high chances of your data getting leaked. This website works with Google and Facebook. These websites use cookies to track a user's information and send it to Facebook.

But you shouldn't worry as there are many ways you can protect yourself from this. One of them being using Facebook container this is a tool which tracks Facebook pixels on websites which are not related to Facebook. Nowadays you can even stop Facebook from tracking your activity on other websites, you can do this by turning off your Facebook activity. Turning of this will not assure that Facebook will not track your activity it will just not show you advertisements regarding that activity.

Privacy Badger is another tool that users can be used to track all types of nefarious trackers. It was founded by Electronic Frontier Foundation. But researchers are not sure if this tracker can track Facebook Pixels. Lastly, to protect their privacy users can reach out to the website's owners and you can request them to not hand over your data to Facebook.

While some other researchers believe that no matter what new tools are launching Facebook will always be able to track you in one way or another.

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