Instagram Lite is back – with the same features!

Facebook discreetly relaunched Instagram Lite after 4 months of hiatus. For those who are not aware, Instagram Lite is a lighter version of the popular social media app. The app was launched back in 2018. However, it was officially closed down in May, allegedly for a revamp.

The app was revived again on September 9 without any official announcement from the makers.

During our experiment with the app, we found there was not much difference since we left it off some months ago. The features that are present in the main app – such as Direct, Instant Camera, Story, and Videos Autoplay is all there by default.

When contacted, Facebook confirmed that it’s testing Lite again. The spokesperson at Facebook also said that the primary motive of Lite is to allow people to enjoy Instagram features without worrying about their device or network quality.

Prior to its closure, Lite was prominent in markets like Africa, South Asia, and Latin America. It was also ranked within the top 20 downloaded social apps on the Play Store in Mexico, Peru, and the Philippines. It was also number 8 in Kenya.

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