Automatic video captions for IGTV are now available on Instagram

Instagram has always tried to provide a universal platform that is easily accessible by everyone in the world. In continuation of its efforts to provide a more inclusive user experience, Instagram has rolled out a new feature that will now bring automated captions to videos on IGTV. These captions will be powered by artificial intelligence and will be available in 16 languages.

These captions will be automatically provided if the video does not have any sound, and the users will have complete control over how and when these captions can be viewed in Settings. Users will also have the option to enable or disable captions through a drop-down menu within the video.

As per Instagram, many people had been requesting the availability of captions in videos for a while now, and finally, Instagram has brought this feature to IGTV. It will benefit many people, especially those with some kind of hearing disabilities, or some other problems. And as mentioned before, Instagram has always strived to make its platform as inclusive as possible.

In 2018, Instagram started providing automatic alternative-text functionality on the platform for people with different visual impairments. As per the company, more than 285 million people all over the world have visual impairments, and to include them and make the platform more easily accessible for them, Instagram introduced the alt-text functionality so they could hear descriptions of photos via their screen-reader while using Instagram Feed, Explore, or in their Profiles. This feature used an object recognition technology which could generate a description of objects in pictures for screen readers, and then present an audible list of items to people with low or zero vision. Instagram also included a custom alternative text functionality so a richer description of photos could be added whenever a photo was uploaded so that people who use screen readers could hear this description and understand what the photo is all about.

So, just like before, Instagram has again come up with a feature that can benefit people with hearing disabilities, or for someone who has difficulty in understanding different accents, or for anyone who just prefers to use a bimodal sensory input.

This feature is quite similar to Apple’s ‘Live Titles feature’ in the ‘Clips’ app. YouTube also provides captions in videos and that is very helpful for a lot of people in the world.

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