Facebook Shuts Down the Instagram Lite App, Here's Why?

In the last few years, some of the social media platforms have tried to get users from the developing markets which have low-end hardware through the ‘lite’ versions of their apps. However, the social media giant, Facebook has decided to discontinue its Instagram Lite. The company is now redirecting users to install the main Instagram app.

The lite version of Instagram and other apps are like the managed WebView browser with some additional elements to it. Initially, it was first tested in June 2018 in Mexico and later was introduced to many other regions.

A Facebook's spokesperson informed TechCrunch that they are "rolling back the test of the Instagram Lite app". However, Facebook suggested that users can head over to Instagram's regular app instead to socialize. Facebook also explained that it’ll take lessons from the Instagram Lite "test", plus, the company might introduce an improved Lite version, in the future.

According to Android Police, the app was last updated by the company in October 2019 and till April 12, 2020, it has over one million downloads, before it was shut down. The company has not mentioning any specific reason for shutting it down.

The Instagram Lite app users are now expected to move towards the full app of the social platform. If anyone still wants to continue having the same experience of a lite version app, they can open Instagram.com in their browsers. From there, add an app’s shortcut to the home screen and it would function the same a the lite version of Instagram.

Facebook Shuts Down the Instagram Lite App, Here's Why?

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