Google is bringing some interesting new changes in Chrome’s overflow menu and they can be enabled in beta version for Android

Google Chrome for Android is widely used and extremely popular amongst the masses, but its overflow menu has always been rather difficult to navigate and pretty simple. While simplicity is something that ever browser aims for, but this overflow menu’s simplicity makes it a little difficult to explore. There is only one row at the top which shows icon-only entries. But all other entries are text-only, which often requires the user to first read through every label and then choose whatever they have been looking for on the menu. This exercise is a little time-consuming, and that is what makes this menu quite un-appealing.

However, as per Androidpolice and Travis M, Google is now working on redesigning this menu in Chrome Beta and if things stay fine, then hopefully this new menu will officially roll out with Chrome 86.

The key feature of this revamped menu is that along with texted labels, icons are also going to be there for all entries. And all the entries will be grouped in specified sections.

So, now, with the presence of icons in front of the texted entries, it will easier for users to navigate through this menu without any problem or hindrance, and it will also save time for those people who are always looking for icons rather than having to forcefully read through labels.

Another change is that the top-row which shows icon-only entries will now have a gray background, which will make these entries stand out and be more distinguishable.

All these entries will be divided into four major groups within the new menu. One group or section will be specified for New Tabs. The other group or section will comprise of entries like History, Downloads, Bookmarks, and Recent Tabs.

The third group or section will contain the entries like Share, Find in page, Translate, Add to home screen, and Desktop Site.

The last group will contain entries for Settings and Help.

If you want to try this new menu on Chrome Beta, Dev, or Canary channels, then you will have to go to ‘chrome://flags’ and then search for ‘Overflow Menu’. After this, you will have to activate two flags, ‘Android tabbed app overflow menu icons’ and ‘Android tabbed app overflow menu Regroup’.

Some other grouping variations are also available that you can try after activating these two flags.

This new menu looks very nice and will make navigation through the entries easier. So, let us hope that Google rolls this update in official, stable channel soon, and it does not get sacked like many other features that do not ever go beyond Beta, Dev, or Canary.

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