WhatsApp seems to be working on allowing fingerprint recognition for creating new WhatsApp Web sessions along with some other features

WABetaInfo is a platform that digs into the latest features being tested by WhatsApp in the beta version. Recently, WABetaInfo spotted several new features in WhatsApp beta for Android.

One of these features is going to incorporate a fingerprint recognition system for the creation of new WhatsApp Web sessions. This will improve the overall security of your WhatsApp chats, and it will also prevent others from creating WhatsApp Web sessions from your phone behind your back.

Sometimes people use your phone for a while and can sneak into your WhatsApp messages by creating a WhatsApp Web session, which currently only needs the QR Code for matching. This functionality can be misused or abused in criminal activities too. So, now, WhatsApp has realized that this is a security loophole that needs to be fixed. And it looks like it has started working on providing an extra layer of security already through this latest update from WhatsApp beta version by integrating a fingerprint recognition system.

This feature is currently under development in the latest beta, and it is not known when it will make it to the official stable channel. However, even if you are using the current beta version, you may not be able to use this feature yet.

Another update from WABetaInfo is that WhatsApp has seemingly found a fix for a bug that erased all the recently used emojis whenever the app updated itself on a device.

This has been a pretty annoying problem that many versions after 2.20.200 have suffered from. Whenever WhatsApp installs its latest update, all the ‘recently used’ emojis get erased and users have to go back and search for their favorite emojis that they use most frequently. This happened because of a bug that has now been fixed in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update.

On the other hand, WABetaInfo has given an update about WhatsApp beta for Android version too. This version introduced a new pack of stickers called ‘Usagyuuun.,' which is now available in the default sticker list and contains animated stickers of a white cartoon character that depicts the emotions of happiness, anxiety, sadness, love, anger, laughter, etc. This sticker pack has been created by Quan Inc. and is live for all the new and existing users of this beta version.

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