Twitter is experimenting with a more precise ‘Quotes’ listing to replace ‘Retweets and comments’

Just recently, in an effort to make things more transparent and easily accessible by the users, Twitter had rolled out a separate listing of ‘Retweets’ and ‘Retweets with comment’ under each tweet.

However, within a few months, Twitter seems to have been in the process of changing minds. Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong and social media commentator Matt Navara have recently reported that Twitter is experimenting to replace ‘Retweets with comments’ listing with a short and crisp ‘Quotes’ listing.

Some users have already started seeing the new listing in place of ‘Retweets and comments.’

‘Retweets and comments’ provided retweet count also within the tweet detail, but ‘Quotes’ is likely to display the full counts of retweets and comments on the main tweet.

‘Retweets’ and ‘Retweets with comment’ appear in a single line, and although they are more ‘self-explanatory’ for the users, ‘Quotes’ seems to be more precise and compact. The single line under a tweet does not look as cluttered as it looks with ‘Retweets’ and ‘Retweets with comment’ in a single frame.

But the problem is that Quotes is short, but it may not lead the users to obvious conclusions as the previous listing does. When Twitter launched the previous listing, it was because it had received some feedback that the app is not very user-friendly and is hard to understand for new users. So, in an effort to make it easily accessible for everyone, Twitter brought some changes that were more like ‘spoon-feeding,’ but was greatly appreciated and also helped the app in improving the number of users too.

However, now Twitter is thinking to take a shorter route instead of long wordings, and although, it does not make much difference in the overall functionality, still, the consideration and thought-process behind these changes need to be acknowledged and praised. It seems that Twitter is trying to provide easily accessible data and insights to its users while helping them understand things in a very precise manner.

Apart from these changes, Twitter has always shown a keen interest in users’ feedback and has always looked for a way that can improve and make the overall user experience valuable and worthwhile. That is why it keeps bringing interesting features one after another to make the user experience pleasurable and productive.

It is yet to see how the users will react to this new listing though.

Screenshot: Daniel Cohen / Twitter.

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