No need to skim through Retweets to read relevant comments because Twitter has brought a fresh update for iOS users

Twitter has announced a new updated feature for the users of iOS. Now they can easily see the “tweets to their tweets” with comments without any hassle, in one place.

Once a tweet is shared, the counter shows the number of retweets and likes to that particular tweet. It used to be quite time-consuming to fish through all the retweets to look for relevant comments and respond to them. Many a times, tweeters could not respond to important comments also.

This new feature of Retweet with Comments seems to be an extended version of “quote tweet.” The difference is that once someone retweets a tweet, they can now add a comment to it, and instead of losing this comment in a sea of retweets and other information, the original tweeter can easily find and respond to that comment through this new feature.

All a user needs to do is to click on their original tweet, and then click on the retweets counter below that tweet. This will promptly open another screen, which will show a complete list of retweets, separating those without comments from Retweets with Comments.

Now this is quite an efficient and time-saving way to reach out and communicate with people who left a comment for you while retweeting your tweet.

Previously, when users resharing a tweet needed to personally address you or seek your attention, they would mention you in their comments along with retweets. With this new feature, it seems that this will not be necessary anymore, because there is no danger of losing their comment amongst all. So, in a way, this small change looks quite promising for now.

However, at the moment, this feature is only available for iOS, much to the dismay of Android users. There have been tweets and rants about this on Twitter since it has announced this new feature. Android users are disappointed that this seemingly important update has not been made for them, but Twitter has responded positively to it. Ambiguously enough, but they have said that Android users must stay hopeful that this update will release for them soon as well.

How long the wait is going to be, that is another question. Twitter already seems to have a lot on its plate at the moment. Recently, there was news that they are testing to roll out a new counter system for retweets and comments. A week ago, there was a news that they are testing a warning message for people to halt and re-think about their tweet before posting it. This message will reportedly appear only when the user’s tweet will contain hateful or harmful language.

With all these features in testing phase, and a new feature already launched, it seems that while the world is quarantined and has nothing much to do, Twitter on the other hand is working hard to provide better and improved experience to its users.

Keep up the good work, Twitter!

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