Twitter Might Soon Roll Out a Separate Count for Quote Retweets

Twitter is essentially a place where people can send out bite sized pieces of information that others can digest quickly and disseminate it to their own followers. However, there has always been a problem with Twitter’s engagement metrics and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that quote retweets don’t end up being counted in the same way as regular retweets, something that can make engagement metrics seem slightly lower than they actually are.

Recently Twitter ended up testing an update that would make it so that quote retweets would be included in the retweet count. This was received quite warmly by Twitter users since it meant that their retweet counts would now be more reflective of how much reach their tweet actually ended up having. The way this worked was that if you clicked on the total retweet count you would see how many of those retweets had quotes alongside them, giving some separation between these two admittedly different forms of retweeting.

With all of that having been said, it is important to note that Twitter is testing out a new way to account for quote retweets. This new method will incorporate an entire separate count for quote retweets. Hence, you will now have three engagement metrics to look for on your tweets, namely retweets, likes and quote retweets. This new engagement metric is currently being tested out, but since it is a step up from what was happening before it seems quite likely that most users would want it. Hence, a wider rollout seems like it would most likely end up happening sooner rather than later once all has been said and is now out of the way, and this would change how influencers use this platform as well.

Hat Tip: Jane Manchun Wong / Twitter.

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