Twitter introduces more context information about people whom you do not follow but they still send you direct messages

Have you ever received a direct message from someone you do not recognize, or follow on Twitter? Well, instead of keep guessing, Twitter has introduced some very helpful features in direct messaging.

These recent additions will give you more contextual info about the unknown sender of direct messages, like how are they connected with you on Twitter? Once you tap on their request, you will also get a sneak peek in their profile info and their message.

Some other details can be found through tapping on the sender’s request. You will be able to see their followers, as well as the people they follow. Their date of joining the platform will also become visible for you. All this data will help you understand in a better way who the sender might be, and why are they interested in contacting you, or the reason for their direct message request.

Normally when you receive a message from an unknown sender, you want to look into their profile for some information before responding to them. It sometimes takes a lot of time and some unnecessary hassle, and Twitter’s recent update will help you avoid all that. Also, these additional contextual details are going to be great to maximize your engagement as it could help you to streamline your messaging response rate.

Facebook has also been reported to be experimenting with similar functionality, but instead of receiving information on direct messages, these details will be available on comments which will highlight people with a larger following and better engagement rates. But as far as the messages on Facebook Messenger are concerned, they always had this functionality that whenever an unknown sender would send a message, the recipient could view their brief (allowed) profile information before responding. This does not even let the sender know that their profile has been looked into, so Facebook kept the recipient with an edge over the unknown sender.

Having the same features on Twitter will make direct messaging more engaging, more fun, and to some extent, more secure also. Here also, the sender would be at a more advantageous position, and that is certainly a great thing to experience.

This new feature is now available for everyone worldwide and is receiving a lot of positive comments and feedback.

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