Instagram is adding a new listing of ‘suggested posts’ at the end of the main feed

Instagram has been working around different variations of more discoverable content at the end of the main feed, and now, finally, it has come up with a new listing of ‘Suggested Posts.’ This will help the users navigate through more relevant content and accounts when they scroll through the updates from people and profiles that they follow.

Instagram has explained its stance for introducing this feature. Once your feed is all caught up with the recent updates, you can decide whether to leave the app or continue skimming through different content that Instagram suggests you, based on the type of accounts you follow and the type of things you explore. Basically, it is somewhat like Google Search. You will see content based on your past searches and the topics you have shown interest in. That is how Instagram is also going to bring more posts and accounts based on your interest criteria.

Back in 2018, Instagram launched the ‘You are all caught up’ listing, which was initially meant to let users keep track of their timeline.

But now, Instagram is going to show the users that even if their feed updates have ended, they can still stay on the app and go through the suggested stuff that may be of use for them later. These suggested posts include relevant ads too.

This is going to be very productive and beneficial for users who are using the platform for their online businesses and eCommerce. The suggested posts will help to connect these business owners with relevant sellers and interested buyers. Ads will also play a big part in bringing in more opportunities and a better reach for these users. There will be a greater capacity for the business accounts to showcase their products and services across the platform.

Instagram has been testing this ‘Recommended for you’ feature for a while now, and finally, now the ‘Suggested Posts’ option will be available. However, it is not known when it will officially roll out.

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