Twitter introduces a revamped transparency center

Twitter has revamped its biannual Transparency Report site to become a more comprehensive Reporting Center. This change has occurred because Twitter feels that transparency reporting must be easily understandable and accessible to the general public.

The new changes include a new website launch which will have:
  • All the disclosed data in one place
  • A country-comparison module
  • Some tooltips to explain and provide more insights about the key terms that are used by the platform
  • All the past data of transparency milestones and updates
  • Latest metrics and methodology on the enforcement of the Twitter Rules from July 2018 till December 2019
  • Some new policy categories
All these substantial changes are coming as the US Presidential Election is drawing nearer.

Unlike TikTok and Facebook, Twitter presents a biannual transparency report, but now, it has announced that it will convert this practice into a full-fledged transparency center.

Twitter has also announced that these reports will soon be available in different languages, including Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and French.

This transparency center will help in increasing the sense of accountability for the platform, and it will also help in gaining the public’s trust in different matters like user data and personal information.

As per a blog post, Twitter is likely to have a country-wise comparison module too. It will help the users compare different trends easily. Now, that sounds pretty exciting!

Twitter is also working on highlighting different milestones like the total number of contents that have been taken down during the period of coronavirus pandemic, some copyright notices, information requests, etc.

Recently, Twitter took down some posts from different politicians, including Donald Trump. This is quite praise-worthy because competitors like Facebook are often blamed for remaining politically inclined and biased. But Twitter proved that the policy of the company is above everything and there is no political bias on the platform as such. Twitter garnered a lot of praise for this action from people, but Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg was not too happy with Twitter over this issue.

Amongst other things, Twitter has recently announced labels for the accounts of politicians and government-affiliated media outlets. This feature has not rolled out for the masses yet and is available in a few countries at the moment.

So, it seems that Twitter is making a lot of effort in the right direction, which is quite commendable.

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