QR Codes finally find their way into Instagram as it recently rolls them out in a new touch-free world

QR or Quick Response codes have been incorporated and integrated into several apps like Messenger and Snapchat, but their true worth was understood in a coronavirus-hit world. Last month only, WhatsApp rolled out QR codes to add contacts on the phone. Now, Instagram has also launched QR codes in its app. This was however being tested in Japan since last year. So, it seems that Instagram was already thinking about it, but coronavirus pandemic accelerated the launching process.

Instagram’s QR codes can be used for scanning and adding accounts, and this functionality is quite similar to the ‘Nametags’ feature that Instagram already has since 2018.

Nametags also worked similarly as scanning a QR code does. But Nametags could be accessed through the Instagram app only. These new QR codes can be scanned by any camera app and do not specifically require the user to first open the Instagram app and camera and then scan something. So, this is the main difference between QR codes and Nametags.

Sometime back, Instagram rolled out the option of QR codes in Stories Highlights and it was specifically aimed towards business accounts. This feature also will be very beneficial for all those people who use Instagram for business purposes.

The QR code scanning culture is already becoming a norm in this ‘new’ world after COVID-19. Touching is a big no-no for people all over the world. Now that the lockdowns are being lifted and businesses, especially restaurants are coming back to life, QR codes are proving to be quite beneficial. Many restaurants are using this technology to let their customers scan the code and view their menu on a device rather than handing down the age-old physical menu books/cards which have been touched by many other people before.

With Instagram’s popularity and wide usage, businesses will likely start using Instagram QR codes for the customers to follow them and learn more about their products and services.

Creating your QR code is not difficult. All you need to do is to go to your profile and click on the hamburger menu. Then select ‘QR Code.’ However, you may still see ‘Nametag’ rather than ‘QR Code,’ but do not worry. Instagram is likely to switch them anytime soon.

If you want to scan a QR Code, you just have to open your phone’s camera and point it towards the code. You can also use Instagram’s Story camera to scan the code.

Hat Tip: TheVerge

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