Instagram to Launch an Automatic Caption-Generating Option?

If there’s one thing Instagram doesn’t know how to do, it’s being complacent. Over the past couple of years, the Facebook-owned media sharing service has been constantly rolling out jaw-dropping features and updates. And it turns out that Instagram has listened to their audience once again.

As reported by Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is working on a new option that should be capable of generating captions for Stories. Paluzzi even tweeted a screenshot of the said option in action.

The option of generating Story captions would be present in the Story Sharing settings. While countless Instagram users have been clamoring for such an option, there could be a considerable number of those who might not be big fans of it. But the interesting thing here is that Instagram even took those people into account.

Users not interested in auto captions for Stories would simply be able to disable this option by heading over to Account settings. From Account settings, users would also be able to select the language in which they would like their captions to be in.

A creative new addition to an already appealing Stories feature of Instagram. At this time, it remains unknown whether Instagram plans on rolling this option out in the near future or not. Stay tuned to receive any potential updates in this story.

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