LinkedIn Now Displays Six Different Quick Creation Options At the Bottom of the Post Composer

During the last few months, you may have noticed that LinkedIn is adding more quick creation options in the post composer. These added options help guide what users post about on LinkedIn’s platform. Now, most LinkedIn users see six different custom post creation options at the bottom of LinkedIn’s post composer. In comparison, earlier this year, LinkedIn used to display four options.

The recent additions are polls, and the Offer help and Share a profile options. Back in May of this year, the company officially rolled out the native polls option, another way to gather feedback, and boost engagement on LinkedIn’s platform. While the company rolled out the Offer help option last month in light of the ongoing impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

The ‘Share a profile’ option allows users to showcase a connection through a post, and the feature was added last month. A social media guru, Matt Navarra highlighted this feature on Twitter. These options follow Facebook’s lead in guiding people as to what to share on the platform. LinkedIn is always looking for new ways to keep users posting more often on the platform, while also introducing new tools and features to assist those people who are looking for professional assistance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this year, Microsoft, LinkedIn’s parent company, reported that LinkedIn is experiencing record levels of engagement, and it is increased during the coronavirus pandemic. In the start of this year, Microsoft reported that LinkedIn has reached 675 million members. During June of the year 2019, LinkedIn also updated its algorithm to ensure better distribution of content from users. The platform has also sought to introduce new features such as Stories to maximize interaction as well as keep more updates flowing through the feeds of users.

It is interesting to note how the company is looking to emphasize particular types of engagement and facilitate simpler posting. LinkedIn also continues to promote the use of hashtags, and topic following options. The new quick creation options in the post composer also add new considerations for your LinkedIn Strategy. For Instance, the ‘Share a profile’ option helps you to highlight specific profiles which could be a good way to boost awareness.

You may also note that the Stories feature is still only available in some regions. It has also been reported that LinkedIn is working to create new visual presentation tools and other options that could eventually see their quick links.

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