Microsoft's LinkedIn Breaks Engagement and Member Count Records

Perhaps the most prominent dark horse as far as the various social media platforms of the past decade are concerned is quite possibly LinkedIn. It started out as a company that you would get annoying emails about when people you knew would send requests that you would inevitably ignore, but over time the platform developed an audience of its own and after it was acquired by Microsoft who were looking to broaden their horizons and enter the social networking game, things really started to take off in a way that many would have considered to be pretty much impossible some time ago.

One of the biggest examples of the success this platform has seen involves the vast number of users that have joined up. The total count for users has crossed 675 million, and it seems like it will only be a couple of years before LinkedIn reaches the coveted billion user mark, something that would indicate that it is a true competitor for Facebook which is quite surprising when you look into the company’s history as well as other roadblocks that it faced all along the way.
"LinkedIn continues to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. Every seven seconds someone is hired on LinkedIn.", boasted Microsoft in its FY20 second quarter earnings conference call.
Not only are the membership numbers quite surprising, there is a lot more to LinkedIn’s success as well. This is because of the fact that all of these members engage with posts a lot. Hence, even though LinkedIn does not have as many users as Facebook, the users it does have engage with the platform a lot. This makes them highly valuable for any marketing agency that is going to want to advertise on social media platform because of the fact that high engagement indicates that the platform you are looking into is highly worth the money that you might be thinking of spending on it in order to advertise and market their ideas.

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