Bitcoin Scam Stricken Twitter Accounts Causing it a Serious Backlash

Twitter has recently faced an extreme backlash when the users updated the company about Bitcoin Scam Alert.

The high-profiled accounts marked a complaint regarding their hacked accounts for the same tweet related to Bitcoin Wallet. The tweet marked the words, send cryptocurrency to the wallet, and get your amount doubled in return.

A recent report claims that up to $118,000 worthy Bitcoins have been transferred to the scammers wallet. Out of which most amount has already been moved to somewhere else.

Twitter has declared a proper investigation over this caused problem in their recent tweet but stated no substantial knowledge about the actual scammers and the problem itself. They remarked that they don’t know much about this scam, which is considered as an organized trick, so far. Alongside this, they have published a series of tweets from their tech support profile to notify the users about the detection of cyber attack on Twitter's employees. They claimed that this attack has exerted to attain trouble-free access to their private system and accounts.

It is still under consideration whether the scammers have been involved in any other spiteful activity or shared any confidential information through the hacked accounts along with Bitcoin scam or not. Likewise, the company has sent a high alert to all the other notable profiles by restricting their twitter accounts to seize the activity of the scammers. It claims that with the restrictions of the attacked accounts, they have also removed the scam tweets from the feeds to ensure security as soon as they recognized the problem. Most of all, other certified accounts the company has deactivated their activities this Wednesday, implying that they would not be able to use their accounts for some time. But it has reactivated the functions of various accounts so far intending to deactivate again if marked any risk.

Twitter has assured its consumers regarding their measures concerning this unfortunate incident. They have also notified that all these initiatives are being taken to reduce the risk.

Moreover acknowledging this recent alert, Twitter has only permitted the real owners of the victimized accounts to function their profiles until they become sure of their security systems. The company has also restricted many of its employees from accessing the relative internal system for precautionary measures.

As this hack has terrified many users of the popular micro-blogging platform, people are also accusing Twitter of not taking the required steps and providing considerable knowledge related to this scam.

According to Motherboard an insider (employee) maybe involved in this incident partly. Twitter hasn't responded on this so far.

However, it is still unclear who is the real fraudulent entity, either an individual or a team, but it has caused a devastating problem to almost all of the high-profile users like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Apple Inc., to name some. Considering this, the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey has assured its users of resolving this issue as soon as possible.

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