WhatsApp iOS is testing a Search Image on the web feature, a Clear all messages except starred option and more

WhatsApp is experimenting with several updates for Android and iOS users that are in the testing phases. On Android, the Facebook-owned app is improving and redesigning Storage Usage, introducing some default filters that will help in sorting out messages according to their size and on the basis of them being the oldest or newest.

While on iOS, an important feature that WhatsApp is currently working on is to give the users the ability to search messages by date. Similarly, there is another interesting iOS feature that is in the working. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp iOS has enabled the Search Message on Google option in its beta update. This option was announced to be available for WhatsApp for Android users, and now, this update is coming on WhatsApp for iOS.

When an image is forwarded multiple times or at least more than four times, WhatsApp will replace the ‘forward’ button with the ‘Search’ icon. If a user chooses the Search on the web option, the image will be uploaded on Google.

Another good news by WhatsApp is about clearing all messages except the starred ones. WhatsApp already gives the option to delete all messages except starred.

But Storage Usage does not allow to save starred messages there. This forces the user to lose all starred messages if any option in the Storage Usage is used.

So, to make this easier for the users, WhatsApp is now testing a ‘Clear except starred’ option. This way, users will be able to clear some particular messages but keeping the starred ones untouched and unharmed.

This feature is also under developmental phases and is going through testing procedures. It is not known when it will eventually go live, and how many changes these features see before getting released as a final product. But the ideas are pretty neat and quite interesting.

It seems that WhatsApp is on a testing spree these days, and somehow, all the ideas of features that its developers had, now suddenly seem to spring for testing!

As per some WABI, WhatsApp is also testing on changing the color of the outgoing conversation bubble when the Dark Mode is enabled.

It is still not clear as to why WhatsApp is thinking to bring this change. Maybe when the user changes the contrast in the iPhone Accessibility Settings, that is when this feature will prove to be of some use.

It is not known why and what color will be given to the outgoing bubble. Dark Mode users are not so happy to learn about this. Maybe when the feature comes out live, then they will be able to judge it better. For now, in the presence of so many other amazing updates, this does not sound so exciting. But it is too early to say anything about all these features, as they are all going through the alpha testing phase.

As mentioned before, there are high chances that they will go through many changes before they eventually roll out, and even that is questionable. Many times, apps test features that they do not bring on the stable channels too.

Let us wait and see what fate all these upcoming features will see.

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