Fighting Fake News: WhatsApp introduces a search feature to let users Google the content of forwarded messages

In the days of the pandemic coronavirus, WhatsApp is testing a feature that would provide ground to their 2 billion users to verify the information they received.

Facebook owned application has been testing this feature since last year to make the platform more authentic and reliable. WhatsApp informed media outlets that the feature will be rolled out soon to empower all users. By leveraging this feature users could quickly search the body of forwarded messages in Google, this will help them check whether the information is fake or correct. This feature is currently available to only Whatsapp beta testers.

Currently, Whatsapp is being used to inform and circulate the content about coronavirus crisis.

Therefore, WhatsApp approached government of different countries last month to use its platform to inform the public.

Recently, World Health Organization has joined WhatsApp to provide authentic information about the virus to masses. The WhatsApp stated that it is the official NGO to use messaging app to spread awareness. The app further stated that Singaporean government, Health department of South Africa, Health Ministry of Israel and Indonesia's KOMFINO also joined the application to inform their citizens as fast as possible.

Moreover, India Health Department has used the services of the social media to spread awareness in the country to halt the spread of the virus.

However, the application has been trying since 2019 to fight against misinformation.

WhatsApp is now the need of the world. Therefore, it is important to introduce the important fact-checking features as soon as possible otherwise people would be misinformed which could cost the lives of humans or would result in snatching away of their right to know the truth. WhatsApp is the most used messaging app around the world. Therefore, it is important for this platform to be authentic and true information provider.

Unsure whether the message your received is factually correct or fake? Thankfully, Whatsapp is here to help. A new feature will let you search the content of forwarded messages in Google search to help you further distilled down your research.

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