COVID-19 is making Facebook extend its Blood Donation feature more globally

The COVID-19 pandemic is something making us all worried and the increase in the infected people is making it a lot more dangerous than we considered.

This year started with so many issues and the COVID-19 is like a pause in our lives, we can’t move forward or backward but just stuck in the loop apparently.

Facebook has always tried to come up with some solutions to help the people in the time of need, the largest social media platform with millions of daily active users always provided a variety of new features to help affected people - from tsunami or earthquakes - but this time it’s nothing like that but the rise of CoronaVirus.

To help the people, Facebook launched a Blood Donation feature on its platform and this feature is aimed to help blood donors meet organizations in the need of blood.

Whenever any organization will create a request for blood donation, Facebook will notify the nearby signed up blood donors and in that way, it can help the people in need. The people requesting help can also add specific blood types in the requests too and in response, Facebook will surely provide helpful results.

In the beginning, Facebook launched this feature in some specific countries but with the crisis of Covid-19 is taking everything by storm and in this time of crisis Facebook will be extending its Blood Donation feature to more countries.

The stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19 are causing shortages of Blood donors and Facebook extension in the Blood Donation feature is meant to help the people in need.

The shortage of blood donors due to COVID-19 is causing a lot of problems and Facebook just extended its feature to more countries in an attempt to help solve this issue.

According to a blog post published by Kang-Xing Jin, Facebook's Head of Health, this feature is aimed to help people know places, where there are shortages and the place where they can donate it safely.

Facebook currently extended this feature to Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, Kenya, Senegal, and South Africa joined with the countries of Bangladesh, Brazil, Pakistan, India, and the U.S. where this feature was already launched.

According to Kang-Xing Jin, Facebook also partnered with AABB in the U.S. in an attempt to help people connect easily with blood banks of hospitals and according to the social networking giant, this feature is in the workings in Brazil and India too.

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms and it always comes up with some innovative ideas to help the society in all the ways possible and this new extension of Blood Donation feature is also an attempt by the platform to help the society during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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