WhatsApp is developing better Storage Usage features

WhatsApp is testing several new features for the Android and iOS versions. All these features are under development and will be released in future updates.

One such improvement that WhatsApp is bringing in is new changes in Storage Usage. The redesigning of Storage Usage is also being tested at the moment, and it is not known when the actual update will roll out eventually.

As per a tweet by WABetaInfo, several other new features are in the pipeline for Android versions. However, WhatsApp releases all its features on all the operating systems, so iOS may also receive the update soon after it is released for Android.

Storage Usage is the section that manages your messages and chats in a detailed, organizational manner. Now, with the new update, WhatsApp is going to redesign the Storage Usage space while adding some new tools that will give a new definition to the feature.

WhatsApp is also adding some default filters that will enable the users to find specific messages quickly and without having to go through any hassle.

For example, there might be a filter for forwarded files. Skimming through specific forwarded files in specific chats will become easier through this feature.

WhatsApp will also allow finding Large Files quickly. This will help the users sort and View the larger files separately, in a more organized manner. This will also help in saving these Large files in specified folders. A thought comes to mind that how amazing it would be if WhatsApp decides to improve the Storage capacity of the newly designed Storage Usage so that accommodating larger files does not become so overly daunting. But then, it depends on the phone's storage as well. So, let us see how Large Files feature will function in the end.

In the Storage Usage, a Photos row will be available that will show all the photos shared in a particular chat.

Another interesting update is going to be the Sort button. This will give the user options to view results from Newest to Oldest and by their respective Size.

Once a user puts this filter on, WhatsApp will update the section and show updated results to the users.

These are some very interesting features and it is hard to wait for them to come live eventually. There is a possibility that the features might undergo some changes when they finally roll out. So far, they are going through various tests and developmental processes. But the news and the ideas behind these features alone are enough to make the users excited and start waiting anxiously.

Searching a specific message in long chats has always been difficult. Although WhatsApp provides a Search through key words option too, these new filters will hopefully make the process easier and less time-consuming.

Let us see how people react to these updates when the final product rolls out in the future.

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