After Brazil, Now Users In Germany And France Can Also Enjoy Instagram Reels (A TikTok-inspired Feature)

Instagram, a widely used platform is continuously working to lend a helping hand to people in this pandemic. The Facebook-owned app with millions of followers has decided to unleash a feature called “Reels”.

This feature Reels is similar to a feature that is available on TikTok. The Reels feature allows you to create a short 15-second video. You can further play with your creative mind and edit the video. Editing features include: adding text, music, stickers, applying ghost transition, and a lot more. Other editing features include time captions. This time caption characteristics will let words appear on the video.

Apart from the video, the Reel tab has the audio settings too. It allows the reel video maker to record videos and use different audio. The different audio can be from an audio library or some other video.

Instagram users can share the reel video with their followers. The new reel video will be available in the Reel tab. Reel video uploader will have access to see how many times his video was played, liked, and appreciated. Like other videos and photos, this reel video will also be discovered on the follower’s newsfeed and explore tab.

At the moment, the Instagram reel feature doesn’t have a variety of filters and effects that TikTok offers. Those special effects help the users to cover blunders in the video. But Instagram is promising to bring something better than this.

Brazil, Germany, and France citizens can find this reel option next to the Boomerang option. Sometime back, only Brazil users had the approach to the TikTok clone Reels on Instagram. Now, Germany and France users can also get their hands on this new feature.

Many people believe that it is an attempt by Instagram to attract TikTok users. We all know about the rivalry between China-based App and American apps. Chinese Apps have been often criticized for copying U.S, based apps. Now the situation seems to be upside down.

The director of Instagram product management Robin Stelin explained that sharing videos or snippets with a piece of background music are not something new in the market. The trend is pretty old. The only thing that makes the product stand out is the creativity.

However, we cannot say that Instagram Reel is cloned to TikTok’s feature. TikTok’s culture is a different one. People share their videos on a broader compass. It doesn’t offer sharing videos with a specific audience. Even if a Tiktok user uploads video on his private account, the video will be accessible to the followers. Whereas, Instagram proffers the facility to share the content with a wider audience or to close friends, only.

TikTok is mostly about creating funny content by acting to make the audience laugh. That’s how you get followers on TikTok. On the other hand, Instagram is usually about glamor and glory. People are not likely to go funny and act weird to make the audience laugh. Instagram is more serious than TikTok.

Hence, although Instagram's new Reel feature is compared with TikTok’s Reel feature. But it looks like that Instagram had some own reasons to introduce the feature.

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