To Tackle Online Child Sexual Abuse, TikTok Has Now Joined The WeProtect Global Alliance

The WeProtect Global Alliance is a multi-sector alliance that aims to end online child sexual abuse and exploitation. TikTok has announced that the company will work with the WeProtect Global Alliance to fight online child sexual abuse.

The short-video platform committed back in March of this year to encourage and support the Voluntary Principles to combat Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse. It is adopted by the Five Eyes alliance which is a collaboration among intelligence agencies in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

TikTok announced that it will now work with non-profit organizations, industry partners, government authorities, and academics to determine, implement, as well as share innovative solutions to protect kids online. Protecting children against the threat of online sexual abuse is one of those problems that requires a global response. The company stated that governments, industry partners, academics, and non-profit organizations will have to work together to combat the threat of online child sexual exploitation.

Joining the WeProtect Global Alliance is one of several TikTok’s efforts to protect kids online as well as offline. According to the company, keeping kids safe from the threat of online sexual exploitation is very important and we can only achieve this via cross-sector collaboration.

Jeff Collins, senior director of trust and safety, Arjun Manjuth, director of trust and safety in the Asia-Pacific region, and Cormac Keenan who is the head of trust and safety for Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, published a blog post. In the blog post, the stated that as an industry, it is necessary to come together to combat the harms of online child sexual abuse and exploitation.

They said that the membership of TikTok is the WeProtect Global Alliance is an extra opportunity to collaborate with the company’s peers as well as learn and share best practices with them. It will help to make critical progress towards the common goal to end online child exploitation and abuse.

Iain Drennan, executive director at the WeProtect Global Alliance also added that the advancements in technology indicate that it has never been easier for those people who want to sexually exploit kids to make contact with victims. He said that industry collaboration is essential, and the WeProtect Global Alliance looks forward to operating with TikTok as well as other industry partners toward their common goal to end online child sexual abuse.

Iain Drennan added that during their discussion with TikTok, they have been struck by the TikTok’s commitment to prioritize the safety and security of children using the TikTok’s platform. Recently, TikTok announced that the company will restrict those users who younger than 16 years to access the DM feature of the TikTok app. This decision is one of the examples of TikTok’s willingness to prioritize the safety and security of children, stated Iain Drennan.

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