Instagram's New Update Will Let Merchants Sell Online Through Its Platform

During this pandemic when most of us are unable to reach markets, Facebook brings an exciting opportunity for vendors to hot sell their products online, through Instagram. At the start of next month, Instagram will reveal a new feature that will let creators sell their commodities online. Of course, the lockdown has made the economy fall of the hill. Due to this, shop keepers and businessmen are suffering. They are facing a recession period. This is an alarming situation.

During this time, Instagram announced that they’ll uncoil a feature. With the help of this latest feature, Instagram will help small business to sell commodities and make earnings for their living.

However, it might not be a piece of cake. There are few standards set by Instagram to sell through creators account. The Eligibility criteria is as follows:
  • Comply with Instagram policies
  • Represent your domain and business
  • Located in a good know market
  • Demonstrate loyalty
  • Provide authentic information and follow the practices
Failure to satisfy the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, the social media app has the authority to disable the account and permanently ban you. You need to make sure that the information you are providing is 100% correct.

The update is still in process and is expected to reveal on 9th July. For this purpose, Creators will need to show evidence of their trustworthiness and a genuine existence in the market. The creator account should also be backed up by a follower base. The number of followers is not specified by Instagram. Creators will also be able to represent a tagged product, which will be linked to its official website. Hereby official website we mean to say the website of the business on which they claim the ownership and sell products.

Like all other social media platforms, Instagram has been working to give a better experience to its users. The Facebook-owned social network has been working for a shopping corner for a long time. In 2016, Instagram introduced shopping tags. These shopping tags appeared on users' Instagram feed while scrolling. Latter in 2018, they introduced a shopping feature into their stories and explore section. Then in 2019 Instagram update allowed influencers to tag each product in their story. Before this update, celebrities, influencers, and other well-known personalities had to mention details of every product they were carrying. After this update, it became easy for them to mention every product they were wearing in their stories. It could be about a shimmery eye makeup kit or stylish bag.

We can’t disagree with a fact that this highly recommended platform is always bringing up new features for its users. But unfortunately, the Instagram creators feature is a huge left out. YouTube, a widely used platform is been supporting online business since 2018 in the US. For this purpose, Instagram is allowing merchants to operate the business online.

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