Instagram May Soon Ask Users To Provide Their Government IDs To Combat Troll Accounts

As the United States Presidential election is coming up, the social media giant, Facebook, is planning to combat the inappropriate use of the company’s platform. Recently Facebook announced that it will start to ask accounts with a large reach to verify their ID. Now, Alessandro Paluzzi, an app researcher, revealed that Instagram is also working on a similar feature he also explained how this will look like. He leaked screenshots displaying how the company will ask users to verify their ID.

According to Paluzzi, users will have to upload an image of their ID issued by the government and their real names on the platform. Moreover, Facebook will also require users to upload their location on the platform as well as provide a selfie video. The data provided by users will then be verified by real humans.

Paluzzi shared the screenshots in a tweet and stated that Facebook-owned Instagram is currently working to implement identity verification. The identity verification will help to protect the community. It will also help to make sure that content users see on the Instagram app is authentic and come from real accounts.

Instagram will ask users to upload their ID on the app so the platform knows the account belongs to a real person. For this purpose, you can use your passport, driving license, any other document that proves your real identity. You can visit the ‘help center link’ for more information.

The move will help Facebook to verify accounts that have a large reach. It will also help the company to identify and remove troll accounts from their platform. However, some users may be concerned about their security and privacy. The company has promised that the ID provided by users will never be published on the platform.

Moreover, Facebook also promises that the documents uploaded by users will be deleted within thirty days. It seems that several real accounts will be caught during this added inconvenience, however, if we consider the stakes, the efforts seem worthwhile as it will help the company to identify those accounts that aim to disrupt the society.

Facebook started a ‘verified account initiative’ in February of the 2012. Then, Instagram started to ask some users to prove their identity with a photo ID back in the year 2013. However, at that time, some violations would prompt the platform to ask a user to provide their photo ID.

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