These are the most downloaded apps in May 2020, TikTok, Zoom and Whatsapp are on Top

On Tuesday, SensorTower released estimates of the most downloaded apps in May 2020 (in the non-game category) TikTok was the most downloaded app.

With more than 111.9 million installs, TikTok has seen a record increase in growth which is twice what it was last year. Twenty percent of its total downloads were found to be in India, and around 9.3% of the total downloads were in the US.

TikTok not only topped in the Overall Downloads category, but it also topped in the Google Play downloads.

Zoom was the second most installed app in the Overall downloads non-game apps category. It ranked first in the Apple Store Downloads, and third in the Google Play Downloads.

Zoom has seen 43 times increase in growth since last year, with around 94.6 million installs in totality. 17% of its downloads were in the US and India.

This exponential growth in Zoom makes sense because of the lockdowns implemented all over the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. Offices and educational institutes were shut down and to keep working and studying from home, people relied heavily on Zoom and other collaborative tools like Slack, G Suite, and Microsoft Teams.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp ranked third in the Overall Downloads category among the non-game apps. It ranked second in the Google Play Downloads, while eighth in the Apple Store Downloads.

In Apple Store Downloads, YouTube was ranked third as the most famous installed app. It ranked ninth in the Overall Downloads category.

Facebook was found to be standing fourth in Overall Downloads, Apple Store, and Google Play Downloads.

Facebook Messenger was ranked fifth in the Overall Downloads and Google Play Downloads, while it stood seventh in the Apple Store Downloads.

Instagram was found to be standing on the sixth position in the most downloaded apps in all categories.

Other apps that made it in the top ten most downloaded apps list are Google Meet, Aarogya Setu, Snapchat, SHAREit, and Gmail.

These estimates by the Sensor Tower Store Intelligence platform include the downloads of all these apps worldwide between 1st May 2019 to 31st May 2020. These estimates include only unique installs and do not include Apple apps and Google pre-installed apps.

The figures that they present are basically the aggregate installs of all app versions, like Facebook and Facebook Lite, and the estimates for the Android apps do not include third-party stores at all.

An overview of the top five ranked most downloaded apps in all stores and categories shows the trend that people were leaning towards during this period. Most apps saw a dramatic surge in popularity and growth during the months when lockdown and shelter-at-home policies were implemented globally.

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