Twitter repeats its content policies

Twitter released a series of tweets from its official Safety account to clarify the content policies in the wake of its ongoing battle with President Donald Trump.

The feud started after Twitter placed a fact-check label on a couple of tweets by Trump regarding mail-in ballots. President Trump responded to the ‘label’ by issuing an executive order under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act that would strip social platforms of liability protections.

Twitter again placed a label on another tweet by Trump that made reference to the death of George Floyd and the riots in the USA. The microblogging site said that the tweet by the President violated its rules about glorifying violence.

The company also repeated its content policy, which includes material that is:

· Decrease potential for likely harm

· Decrease harmful bias and incentives.

· Decrease reliance on content removal.

· Increase diverse perspectives.

· Increase public accountability.

Twitter says that the above-mentioned policies accumulate everything we wish to remove from our platform. They also said that they are trying to remove misinformation from their network by putting a ‘fact check’ label on the controversial tweets.

According to Twitter, when the posts are labeled, the users can determine their own viewpoints regarding the authenticity of the information.

The company further said that they are trying to be more transparent regarding their policies and sharing every change publicly to keep the viewers in the loop.

Photo: GLENN CHAPMAN via Getty Images

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