WhatsApp is testing a new multi-device feature, and this is a great improvement

WhatsApp is experimenting with a new update in its cross-platform and multi-device feature. This update is currently going through the testing phase, and this is very good news for all because, with all its functionality, this limitation was still there. It could have caused harm to its popularity in front of other apps that provide seamless cross-platform and multi-device functionality.

It seems that WhatsApp has been working tirelessly to provide a great user experience. With the improvement in the WhatsApp group video chats, beta testing in progress for QR Codes, and encrypted backups, now this news is extremely positive. This new update is going to bring a dynamic change in the overall functionality of WhatsApp while stretching the bounds of end-to-end encryption and working on WhatsApp’s performance for the security of users’ messages and media.

WhatsApp has played a vital role in changing the course of the messaging world. It is simple to install, easy to use and since the beginning, it has provided a lot of benefits over SMS by pulling texting away from the networks to cross-platform apps.

SMS services have their own limitations. They are not very cost-effective, and they do not offer the kind of communication that WhatsApp and other apps offer.

Even Blackberry Messenger had some proprietary limitations, so, in front of all these messaging services, WhatsApp served as a modern method for cross-platform messaging.

However, now most of the people use multiple messaging platforms on their phones. Messaging apps like Signal, Telegram, and Wickr provide specialist alternatives, but Facebook Messenger, Apple’s iMessage, and the Rich Communication Services (RCS) upgrade to the ever-present SMS service pose some real challenge for WhatsApp to up its game as well.

Both RCS and iMessage find a way to build into the operating system of the phone on which they are installed. But their main issue is that they are not inter-operable between Android and iOS, and for RCS especially when there is no Wi-Fi or a secure mobile data connectivity, it reverts to insecure SMS and MMS system built in the phone.

But if the SMS system is made secure and it gets updated, then there is going to be a problem for WhatsApp!

Although WhatsApp provides a web-view and different desktop fronts, its cross-platform functionality on multiple devices still lacks in front of the smooth running and completely savvy apps like Signal or iMessage. It does not provide an app for the iPad, and it does not run effortlessly on a tablet device. ‘Signal’ is trying to become a mainstream alternative and iMessage is also working on improvements like the ability to edit sent texts and some other better desktop options. So, WhatsApp needed to take a big step in the right direction too.

As per WABetaInfo’s report, WhatsApp is now going to give a much better cross-platform experience with the linking of multiple devices synced with each other. It is in the beta testing phase right now, and its entire functionality is not known as yet, but it seems that the message history will have to be transferred from one device to another or the cloud with the help of a stable internet connection. It will have to keep the end-t-end encryption feature functional and work on multiple encrypted endpoints in transport or a central repository for them to securely sync.

Let us wait for this feature to roll out. It looks like it relates to another update of encryption of messages and media history backups, stored in the cloud with Android or iOS operating systems. If these updates are all linked, it will be a mind-blowing upgrade from WhatsApp for sure!

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