First Quarter Report for 2020 Shows Massive Drop in Smartphone Sales Due to Covid-19

When it comes to smartphones people often tend to assume that this is the single most successfully category that is out there, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that everyone seems to be using a smartphone these days. However, most people don’t realize that smartphone is a struggling product in the current market, and it seems like the recent pandemic that seems to be impacting every single walk of life has ended up seriously impacting smartphone sales as well thereby making it quite difficult for the industry to sustain itself in the near future.

A global research firm known as Gartner has released a report for the first quarter of 2020, and this report has confirmed what everyone else had been fearing for quite some time now, and this is that the smartphone category is in dire straits at this current point in time all in all. The overall drop has been for around 20.2%, but the difference varies based on the company. While the vast majority of smartphone manufacturers have seen a decrease in overall sales, the Chinese company Xiaomi is actually seeing small but significant increase in sales of 1.4%, an amount that isn’t big enough to make any waves but is pretty impressive given the current economic climate in the world.

Samsung has been one of the worst hit in the market right now, with the tech giant suffering from a 22.7% drop. Huawei saw the biggest drop overall of over 27% which should dispel any rumors that Chinese companies might be faring better than those outside of Japan. Apple seems to be doing alright though as the company has seen a drop of only 8% which is relatively small when compared to other manufacturers.

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