Mobile Gaming Is Going To Have A Blockbuster Year 2020, Beating PC And Console Gaming

According to the recent report by mobile insights firm App Annie and market researcher IDC, if the COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay for the current year then 2020 is about to become the best year in history for mobile games and apps.

The report starts off by shedding light on the already well-established theme in the gaming industry - mobile as the primary driver of growth in the digital gaming world. Furthermore, it states that the pandemic is just reinforcing the lead of mobile in gaming.

Throughout the period of COVID-19, weekly mobile downloads in the first quarter (that ended on April 11) reached a new record of 1.2 billion downloads. Going into further depth, worldwide users downloaded 35% more mobile games every week in March than as compared to the downloads in January. On the other hand, players also kept downloading 30% more mobile games per week in April. Moreover, just when this all doesn’t sound overwhelming, the forecasters are predicting more record levels of app downloads and consumers spending time on the app store.

In 2020, Sony and Microsoft are expected to come out with their new consoles and boost the console business. But again to compete with those giants, mobile game spending will also go up by 2.8 times as compared to PC gaming and 3.1 times more than consoles.

In fact, App Annie and IDC have already shown us that games turned out to be the reason for nearly 70% of the worldwide consumer spend for iOS and Android in the first quarter of 2020 along with the digits of 40% dominance in downloads.

However, besides all the good news of North America and the rest of the world experiencing increment in-game spending, Asia Pacific regions are struggling because of strict game rules in countries like China.

Another analysis in the report showed that consumers are loving the portable games more that have real-time multiplayer and co-op game modes. Also, games with live player-versus-player multiplayer modes resulted into better finances. The most successful subgenres in the peak week of Q1 included simulation, trivia, board games, casual, adventure and action games.

Apps like Twitch and Discord are also experiencing growth in countries like France, Germany, United States of America, and United Kingdom that may in the future turn in more favor of mobile gaming too. The acceptance of video ads is another positive to look out for as well!

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