LinkedIn is experimenting with a new Support Reaction in its set of Emojis

LinkedIn is testing a new set of Support Reaction emojis.

According to SMT, Last month, a request was made by LinkedIn user Omer Abedin to Jeff Weiner, then CEO of LinkedIn, for a new set of response emojis as the current ones do not convey the expressions of the users appropriately enough for the situations the world is in right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It seems as if the request was heard and the process was set in motion because today the app researcher, Jane Manchun Wong shared a screenshot of the latest LinkedIn ‘Support’ Reaction under testing and development.

The ‘Support’ Reaction can be visually described by ‘hands holding a heart’ and will be added to the already existing five LinkedIn post Reactions that were introduced last April. This will give the users another quick way to respond to posts with a particular focus on news stories that relate to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This approach by LinkedIn is very similar to that of Facebook’s, where it has introduced its ‘Care’ Reaction emoji set in response to the need of the users’ ability to express themselves beyond the existing emoji set. This change marks the popularity of Reactions as a means of response because a huge platform like LinkedIn would not invest in and/or allocate resources if there was no demand for such features in the first place. This may be one of the reasons as to why we have seen similar response options appearing on various social media platforms as well.

For example, Instagram makes the use of ‘Quick’ responses where when a user views a story posted by another user whom they are following, six emojis appear on the screen for the viewer to choose from. When the desired emoji is selected, it is sent as a direct message to the person who posted it along with the story highlight in case there are multiple stories posted, hence allowing users to appropriately express their emotions.

Another example of how Instagram enables its users to express their emotions is with interactive sticker hashtags. The users can put these hashtags on their relevant stories or posts to spread awareness and through it, the content with that sticker add-on reaches a broader than usual audience as it otherwise would, while also enabling the user to express what they feel through their content.

Reactions have become a habit of regular LinkedIn users, so it makes a lot of sense for the platform to polish and refine the options it provides for its users. However, it is nonetheless very interesting how all of it came about from a simple user request.

Even though Jeff Weiner is not the CEO of the platform anymore, and you may not get much response or interaction from Ryan Roslansky. But it does highlight that despite many requests thrown at them every day, the platform leaders are responding to their its users’ requests.

However, there is no official release date set for the launch of this feature. But you can expect the new Reaction launching on the platform soon.

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