Good News! The Latest Hiring Trends Provided By LinkedIn Claim Signs Of Recovery In Various Countries, Globally

The recent job posting data provided by LinkedIn displays signs of recovery in various regions of the world, as a lot of businesses are working to get back a normalcy level during the coronavirus crisis. LinkedIn has seen signs of recovery in its hiring data during the last two weeks. The change is particularly noticeable in China, France, and Italy as economies have begun to reopen in these countries.

According to LinkedIn’s data on job postings, China’s job data is currently trending upward. China’s hiring rate reached 13.4% increased growth year-over-year as of June 5 of this year. This upward trend can be a positive sign for various other markets. It can also be seen in the data that Singapore and France are experiencing the sharpest recoveries from the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, job postings in other countries including Australia, the United States, Italy, and the United Kingdom are also steadily inching north.

The data indicate that hiring begins to grow gradually starting 4-6 weeks after the coronavirus lockdowns began to relax in various countries. However, we will need extra information to see if this trend will hold in various other regions as the public health guidance and economic policy varies from country to another.

It is not possible for us to get a gauge on the complete impacts of the coronavirus in an economic sense as the world is still living through the pandemic. The shut-down of international travel will have a significant long-term impact on the economy of the world. Currently, we cannot estimate the full extent of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic as it will take a period of adjustments to see where various businesses are placed.

According to the recent data from LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index, in public administration, 32% of people taking an online course started learning online to open new career paths. 32% of workers in the design industry, 31% in the retail industry, 28% in the entertainment industry, 25% in media and communications industry, and 25% in non-profit organizations reported reskilling for a career change. Whereas workers in industries such as real estate where the confidence level is high are taking an online course mainly to enhance their skills within the industry they are currently working in.

However, for now, this news seems like a glimmer of light at the end of a tunnel. The company also notes that a lot of professionals are looking to acquire extra skills or enhance their skills during the COVID-19 pandemic. LinkedIn stated that we will require widespread re-skilling of individuals who lost their jobs during the pandemic and need to learn digital literacy skills such as basic web design or social media networks. They will also have to learn soft skills such as how to provide feedback and how to overcome bias.

Currently, we are going through an unprecedented situation, and people are doing their best to deal with different impacts of the pandemic. But now it seems that we are now on the road to recovery from the pandemic.

Hat Tip: SocialMediaToday / Andrew Hutchinson.

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