Facebook integrates new options for the parenting groups

Facebook is further empowering the parent's group on its network by adding a set of new options. One of the main addition is the anonymous parent feature, where the parent community will have the freedom to ask sensitive questions without the fear of judgments.

As explained by Facebook, one new option will keep the parent’s identity hidden and allow them to discuss topics they may not be comfortable sharing openly.

Facebook is also adding a new set of badges to the parenting groups. The badges include ‘New Parent’ and ‘Expecting Parent’ to help other members understand the state each parent is at.

Lastly, the social media giant is expanding its mentorships feature on the parenting groups. With this option, the parents can collaborate with each other and offer support as well as guidance during life-changing events, such as birth, moving or changing jobs.

The mentorship program was opened to the groups in 2018 to enhance connections amongst group members. The feature would be especially helpful in the parenting groups as many parents look for advice now and then.

The parenting groups on Facebook are identified as one of the most meaningful communities on the social media network. With the addition of these options, members of the parenting group will be able to maximize the connection with each other and facilitate assistance at a higher level.

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