LinkedIn May Soon Add A Current Status Feature To Let Users Provide More Context About Their Work

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn back in the year 2016, and the company has seen amazing results from its investment in the service. Microsoft made a lot of changes to the LinkedIn service and these changes have resulted in enhanced engagement. The financial reports of Microsoft for the third quarter of 2020 records a 21% increase in LinkedIn revenue and a 15% increase in Microsoft revenue.

Now it seems that Microsoft is working on new features to further improve LinkedIn engagement. Jane Manchun Wong, a famous reverse engineering expert has discovered that Microsoft is working to add a secondary ‘current status’ to the application. Microsoft is working to add this secondary current status in addition to the ‘Headline’ status line of the application.

Jane Manchun Wong shared screenshots on Twitter revealing that the company is working on this new feature. According to the Wong, the secondary current status is similar to the Headline status. However, the current status line tends to be temporary.

In the screenshot, we can clearly see that a ‘Current Status’ line has been added below the Headline. It also appears that the company has designed this secondary current status line for more short-lived status updates. With this new current status addition, users will be able to let other members of LinkedIn know the details of what they are currently working on. You can let other members know this while also maintaining a comprehensive context for your work.

The new feature will be very useful for a lot of LinkedIn members, however, it is not yet clear when if the new feature will be rolled out for public use or when LinkedIn will release the new feature.

LinkedIn Current Status Feature Will Let Users Provide More Details About Their Temporary Work Intentions

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