Facebook Gaming: Partnered Creators Can Now Access Live Ads, Fan Subscriptions Made Available For Level Up Creators

Facebook Gaming has now introduced two new updates that will help creators to monetize their content on the platform. Now, more Level Up creators will be able to access the Fan Subscriptions feature, and partnered gaming creators can now access Live Ads. According to Facebook, more than 700 million individuals interact with content related to video games on the social media platform every month.

If any Level Up creator has reached at least 250 ‘returning weekly viewers’ they will then be able to access the Fan Subscriptions feature. This feature allows views to pledge a monthly donation to their favorite content creators. In exchange, these fans get particular perks, such as access to custom emoji and stickers. Facebook Gaming content creators design custom emojis and stickers for their fans.

The company had designed the Level Up program to help video content creators grow their audiences on the platform. In 2018, the company expanded the Level Up program to support gaming content creators in around thirty countries.

The company has also introduced an update for partnered gaming content creators. Now, partnered creators will be able to access Live Ads. When a partnered gaming content creator is streaming on the social network, viewers may see a pre-roll ad below the live stream video. This will help partnered creators to monetize their content. Viewers may also see a photo ad below the live stream video or a new mid-roll ad may start playing in the main video window while the actual live stream continues to play in a small window. The company has introduced this update to help partnered content creators monetize their content.

Facebook Gaming published a blog post stating that the platform has started to test news ways for partnered gaming content creators to monetize the content they have previously streamed on the platform. These new ad units are designed to allow partnered creators to monetize previously streamed content.

It has also been reported that the social media network is developing an additional ad format to help gaming creators to manually trigger an ad break during a live stream. The new format is called ‘Live Breaks’ which will allow creators to trigger an ad break in the middle of the live stream. Facebook will allow gaming creators to choose from 90-second ad break and 180-second ad break. This new ad format is designed to help gaming creators to monetize their live streams.

The company stated that this new feature blends the content created by creators like ‘clip and highlights’ with a traditional ads experience.

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