Instagram is planning to add a Video Note feature in Threads app

Instagram launched a new standalone messaging app for 'close friends'. Although it has been launched only recently, October of 2019, Instagram has been fervently working on improvements and new features for this app.

The Threads app is the latest addition to Facebook's "pivot to privacy" and its domination of the messenger app market. This app has the option of business accounts, so it is lucrative for people looking to use social media for any purpose.

According to Instagram, this app has 3 main attractions:
  • The ability to fully control who can reach you
  • The ability to quickly access the people who you message most
  • The ability to passively connect throughout the day.
The app allows only the people you're closest to reach you. It automatically shares your status with your friends, and it has several options for you to select your status.

Also, the app boasts a very attractive feature for the newer generation that is in trend nowadays, Dark Mode. It has several forms of dark mode so that users can customize and select what is most comfortable for them.

The new feature, as reported by Alessandro Paluzzi, that Instagram is testing is 'video note'. This feature will automatically turn the audio in videos, to live captions that will appear in time with the video. This is highly beneficial for users with hearing disabilities. Along with this, it will make it easier for users to understand what their friends are saying and will be able to respond appropriately. Brands will also benefit from this feature; by having captions users will be able to clearly understand the product and its specifications.

This feature is handy and it can entice new users. In addition to this, it will aid in increasing the popularity of this still new app. Instagram is always on the lookout for new ways that will help increase their applications’ popularity or for new ideas that will allow them to either revolutionize or invent new apps that will allow them to increase their already huge brand popularity.

This isn't the first time Facebook has unveiled a small feature to make its apps seem unique. Introduction of shopping tags and gaming filters are just a few examples of just how crafty Facebook is.

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