Instagram’s New Game Filters Could Change Augmented Reality and Gaming Forever

Social media companies used to be quite single minded in their focus in that they were attempting to connect people and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that these social media companies were still quite new and the concept of this technology was too unique to begin experimenting since this had the potential to alienate certain sections of the new industry’s potential user base.

However, the fact of the matter is that now social media is far too widespread for this to ever be a concern again, and this has lead to social media companies experimenting with different kinds of services, services that they might not have been able to provide previously. Gaming is something that social media platforms are becoming more and more interested in, and this is something that we have been seeing across the board. Instagram is the latest social media platform to make a foray into the world of gaming, and it is doing this in a manner that is far more unique than you would have initially been able to realize.

Essentially, Instagram has rolled out a series of game filters. These are filters that would go on your face similar to many other filters that are out there especially those that are on Snapchat as well as other companies that were inspired by Snapchat including Instagram’s parent company Facebook. However, it is important to note that Instagram’s filters are a little different because of the fact that they can interface with various games, with one example being Cut Fruit which is reminiscent of Fruit Ninja except that in this case you would be using your face to cut the virtual fruit. This is just one of hundreds of games that Instagram is now offering to its users.

Incorporating gaming into face filters is a very unique concept, and it will surely spawn a great deal of engagement which is what Instagram wants of course. Another thing that users would be able to do would be record videos of themselves using these game filters and posting the videos to their stories, something that will further increase engagement and make it so that more people get to know about the games that are available to play on Instagram. This would also serve as an additional reason for people to use the social media platform in the first place.

One thing that a lot of people are talking about is whether or not this will result in a resurgence for augmented reality gaming. Ever since Pokemon Go when AR burst onto the scene with a real bang, the appeal of the tech seems to have waned perhaps due to the reason that it is tricky to implement and can limit options concerned with what games can be created and how these games would be played. However, from filters that put your face on a motorcycle helmet while you are riding one as well as turn you into a skateboarder and allow you to jump over obstacles if you blink. The games are not exactly going to win any awards but perhaps quantity over quality is the right way to go here.

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