YouTube Is Aiming To Take On TikTok With New 15-Seconds Video Feature

The YouTube versus TikTok rivalry is all set to begin as according to the makers of the world’s most popular online video platform, the Google-owned company is currently working on to introduce a new feature in the mobile version which will allow users to record and publish 15 seconds multi-segment videos.

The option to “create a video” will appear on top in the mobile interface and pretty much like TikTok, once users are ready they just have to press and hold the record button for 15 seconds to make whatever content they want and just release the button to finish recording. If your content requires multiple videos to be recorded that way then YouTube will combine all the clips on its own and upload it as one complete video after rendering it as well.

With the implementation of this feature, users will no longer be able to record videos longer than 15 seconds within the YouTube app itself and they will have to use their mobile phone’s main camera for the task, only to post it to YouTube later.

YouTube hasn’t revealed further upcoming details about whether they would bring more controls or features related to the short-form videos in the form of filters, effects, music, AR, or buttons to change the video speed - that basically makes what TikTok is today. After all, YouTube's new feature won’t be able to survive with the fact of allowing users to make 15 seconds short multi-segment videos.

Nevertheless, YouTube has confirmed that the 15-second videos experiment is not a part of the Stories section and with that being said, there is still confusion on how will the short videos be discoverable within the YouTube app.

This isn’t the first time that YouTube has copied an idea or feature of any rival company. Back in 2017, they brought forward an alternative of Instagram Stories that gave people the option to post most casual videos. Maybe the company has felt that YouTube Stories can’t compete with TikTok or even Instagram’s new clone, Reels since the TikTok audience likes to choreograph or act on the content provided rather than creating own personal vlog and hence they gave birth to this feature.

Youtube made the announcement about its latest feature right ahead of Byte’s big pitch to advertisers about TikTok for Business - a new platform made to serve brands and marketers who want to grow their business with the help of TikTok audience.

For now, the new feature is under the testing phase with the help of creators from both Android and iOS platforms. Will it stay for times to come? Only the feedback can answer that.

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