Instagram is testing some new shopping tags in post captions

Recently, Facebook and Instagram introduced ‘Shops’ which is a new eCommerce platform and is exclusive for these two social media platforms. Following this release, Instagram unveiled a new feature for business accounts.

Although a very limited number of accounts have been granted access to this feature, it is expected that it will be made more accessible to all business accounts through the existing business tools.

For now, this feature has been seen on exclusive accounts of people like Victoria Beckham, on iOS devices, as spotted by MattNavarra.

This is the latest introduction to Instagram’s developing arsenal after the introduction of Instagram Shopping and Product Tags and will give many businesses an added advantage to expand their market. Many customers will find it easier trendy products they see on social media.

The way these tags work is like a link in the caption of the post that, when clicked, will take the user to a shoppable product page. Instagram is testing this feature with a small cluster of accounts only in the US that is currently able to use the Checkout function.

It certainly is an intriguing function that will provide another way for customers to check out and buy new products from fresh, upcoming businesses. As a result, it will allow these businesses to expand and flourish.

It also streamlines the way people used Instagram for eCommerce and will open up a new host of possibilities for eCommerce stores.

This feature essentially allows business owners to double down, using these in-caption links and product tags allowing ease of use for customers. These features will certainly open up more possibilities as people get used to buying products from accounts they see on their feed, which was previously only used for interacting with their friends and family and to spread humor or to raise awareness about social issues and to educate people on the events transpiring in the world. But as more and more people are using these platforms, it has attracted aspiring businesses looking to expand their market reach and increase exposure to a variety of potential customers.

This approach to eCommerce is still relatively new and has a lot of potentials to grow but it is more appealing to the new generation than physically going to stores and shops or even having to look for relevant websites. These features allow them to find, compare and shop all without leaving one app or without having to open multiple tabs and allows people to save time in the already fast-paced lifestyle of the 21st century.

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