Google Photos is testing the ‘Explore Map’ feature to view all your photos and videos by their location

Google has recently released the Google Photos version 4.52 and has included a new feature. This feature has not been made available for the users though, but it is in the testing phase.

The feature that Google Photos is working on will give the ability to users to view all their photos and videos by a map view on the basis of the location that they were taken or clicked.

This idea is based on the ‘Photo Map for Google Photos’ feature that was released by a third-party application in 2019. Now, Google Photos is making it an official and native feature for future updates.

This feature was first spotted in the Google Photos 4.52 version on the Google Play Store by Alessandro Paluzzi, an Android developer who has spotted several upcoming features in various apps including Instagram and Twitter.

He noticed that when you open up the Photos app and go to the ‘Search’ tab, a new map widget will be shown under the ‘Places’ section. You can tap on the ‘Explore Map’ button and launch the feature, or you can click on suggested location chips under the widget to filter your photos by the location they were clicked.

You will see an introductory dialogue box if you are launching the ‘Explore Map’ feature for the first time.

This feature will make people relive the places they have been to, and cherish the moments they spent there. By showing photos this way, they will be able to filter the photos and organize them on the basis of their locations, while also making the users feel the essence of the beautiful times they spent in those particular locations through their photos.

For this feature to work, photos must have location information because the map uses this location information from the camera’s GPS, Google Location History, and any detected landmarks that are seen in the photos too. So, obviously, a device’s location must be on for this map to collect all this information, and that is slightly concerning. The feature itself is great but Google will get more access to the users’ location and even some travel history through these locations. This is already a huge concern amongst many people that Google has access to almost everything we do, and now, it will have access to our photos because of their location.

Google Photos will also see the users’ location marked by a heatmap to show them the areas they have visited and places where they have taken pictures frequently. That is a lot of information that Google will have access to, and that is slightly overwhelming and definitely concerning.

When a user will click on a photo, the feature is going to give the user the map view of the exact place where that picture was taken if the location information has been saved with the photo.

As mentioned before, this feature is available in the recent version of Google Photos, but it is not known yet that when will it roll out eventually for the users.

Screenshots: Xda-developers.

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