Google’s Blogger app is bringing a modern and more responsive design on the web now

Google’s once-famous blogging platform, Blogger announced an upcoming improved web design back in May 2020. Now, Blogger introduces a modern and more responsive web design on the web, and it is quite nice, and a little unexpected despite the prior ‘quiet’ announcement.

Blogger was once upon a time a very famous platform for people who wanted to write blogs and share their personal experiences with others over the internet. But after platforms like WordPress and Medium came into competition, Blogger’s popularity declined. It seemed that even Google started ignoring the app too because there were hardly any updates on the app for a long time.

However, last year in October, Google came up with a Material Theme revamp for Blogger for Android. This came as a huge surprise for many people because the updated Material Theme was very nice and provided the much-needed change in the overall design of the app. Although it did not bring any change in the functionality, it was still good to see that Google had not forgotten its Android app.

Now, this new updated web design is completely in line with all the previous Material Theme revamps, and it provides updates on the functionality front also.

There is increased spacing in every part of the whole dashboard. Articles are displayed in faint outlines and through a card theme.

The Stats page has been redesigned in a way to help you focus on important data from your blog, highlighting your most recent blog post.

Comment moderation has been enabled on the redesigned Comments page. On this page, it will be easier for you to connect with your readers and help improve your engagement levels with them.

The support for Search Operators on the newly designed Posts page has improved functionality now, as it helps you filter your posts on Blogger and page search results more efficiently and easily.

The new Editor page not only introduces table support, but it also enables better transliteration and provides a better and improved photo/video upload experience.

With improved Reading Lists, even if you are not writing, it has become easier to read blogs from other people and have a great time with the app.

Even the Settings page has been improved to help you manage all the controls and actions from one place, without any hassle of going from one tab to another.

As per Google, this improved web platform will bring in new improvements and features in the future.

This update will roll out for many users later in June 2020, while there is a ‘Try the new Blogger’ button at the bottom of the navigation drawer. From there, you can get an idea of the new web design’s experience. However, if you want to go back to the previous web design, you can always tap ‘Revert to Legacy Blogger’ from the same place in the navigation drawer.

However, from late July onwards, the ability to revert to the Legacy Blogger layout will not be possible.

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