Twitter Is Developing A New Feature Which Will Allow Users To View A Single Topic And Its Feed Without Following

Twitter has been making improvements and introducing new features to make the platform better for its users. The micro-blogging platform rolled out the Topic feature back in the year 2019. This feature allows users to follow conversations related to a specific topic. It is similar to how you follow an account on the platform with a single tap. These Topic suggestions are displayed on your timeline as well in search, based on what type of content you tend to look for across the platform and what you already follow on the app.

Currently, users have to follow a specific Topic to view conversations related to that Topic. Now, it seems that the company is developing a new feature to allow users to see a single Topic along with its feed without having to follow that Topic on Twitter. For following a certain Topic on Twitter, tap Topics in the profile icon menu, and then tap ‘Follow some Topics.’ Now, you can follow Topics that you like, and tap ‘Done’ when you are finished following the Topics.

Recently, a reverse engineering expert shared a screenshot on Twitter saying that the company is working on a new feature to provide users with the ability to see a single Topic with its feed. The feature was discovered by the popular reverse engineering expert, Jane Manchun Wong. Jane Wong tweeted that the new feature will allow you to view a Topic without having to follow that topic on Twitter.

The reverse engineering expert shared the screenshot to elaborate how the feature looks. However, Twitter has not yet confirmed when the company will be releasing out the new feature. We are also not yet sure whether the company will ever roll out the new feature or not. But, we can surely say that this feature will be a great addition to Twitter and it will be useful for a lot of users in various ways.

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