A variety of new apps will soon be integrated by Minis in Snapchat

Minis are a suite full of miniature applications that a variety of third-party developers make and run inside Snapchat. This feature of Minis is built with the help of HTML.

The feature Minis is aimed to help Snapchat users with a variety of experiences ranging from meditating alone to the purchase of tickets with friends.

According to the announcements made by Snapchat on its virtual Partner Summit, Minis is currently integrated into the chat window on Snapchat.

The revelations made by Snapchat indication seven Minis to be launched which include an app to help users coordinate their schedules at the next Coachella music festival, A headspace available in the mini version would help the Snapchat users to meditate and send positive, motivating messages to friends.

The new Minis will also include the feature of enabling users to purchase by Movie tickets, selecting showtimes, and even choosing their seats as well.

Another Mini feature built by Tembo will be used to help students create flashcard decks to help during their study.

According to the CEO of Snapchat, Minis is aimed to help the company extend the reach to its users by including e-commerce, social shopping experiences by enabling friends browsing it all together.

If you take a look at it, Minis is for sure a very revolutionary change in the Snapchat features announced by the company on Thursday.

Along with Minis, Snapchat also announced a variety of more new features to help the app function more properly and provide more content to its users.

Additional new features

A variety of other features soon to be launched by Snapchat include:

Snapchat started testing a new design earlier this year and now it’s available to the users ‘a navigation bar’. The purpose of this bar is to provide more easy access to Snap Map and other original video series launched by the company and this could help raise the profile within the app easily.

Another feature launched along with Minis is Snap Maps and its purpose is to display the basic information of the nearby local businesses. The information of local businesses will include its location, address, hours of operations, and a variety of reviews from Foursquare and TripAdvisor as well.

A new feature launched by Snapchat can enable the users to scan plans and dogs with the Snapchat camera. The features of PlantSnap and DogSnap can help users identify a variety of breeds easily.

Now, the Snap users can submit their public snaps with topics like ‘life hacks’ or ‘oddly satisfying’ and can also browse snaps posted by other users with similar topics. This new feature by Snapchat opens a new door of exploring to the users.

Snapchat announcement also includes the launch of 10 new games and all for the budding games platform of Snapchat.

Now the game developers can also license Bitmoji so that the Snapchat users can bring their avatars into their games. Some game titles include Bitmoji paint which invites players from all around the world to gather and make a massive collage.

According to Snapchat, multiple deals for the discovery tab have been signed by the company with Disney, ESPN, NBCUniversal, the NBA, and the NFL as well.

Snap is allowing the developers to use its camera in their apps enabling their uses with the access of Snapchat’s filters and features within the app.

A new lens launched by Snapchat named Dynamic Lens is aimed to provide a piece of real-time information such as sport-related filter will display current scores whereas a house party related will invite friends into a conversation.

Similarity, Snapchat also introduced Local Lenses that "enable a persistent, shared AR world built right on top of your neighborhood. You and your friends can step into augmented reality together to decorate nearby buildings with colorful paint and experience a new dimension of AR."

The launch of all these features will be helping the company engaging a variety of new users and involve its existing users more in the app than ever.

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