Google Meet’s New Live Noise Cancellation Feature Could Be a Real Game Changer

In this day and age, working from home has become more common than ever. This means that people would need some kind of video conferencing app that they can use in order to keep in touch and hold all of the meetings that are going to end up defining the direction in which the company would be headed at any given point in time. Zoom swooped in to get a lot of accolades in this regard which is important because of the fact that it defined how this platform managed to get more out of the situation than a lot of far better established tech companies all in all.

Google has been scrambling to try and compete, making Google Meets accessible from the Gmail interface among other things. However, the search engine giant is rolling out a new feature that is going to serve to be a game changer, and has the potential to secure dominance for Google in this video/group calling game that is being played within the tech industry. This handy feature that Google Meet now has is associated with can basically reduce the amount of noise that you would be hearing whenever someone speaks.

Background noise can be a real issue when it comes to live conference calls. This new feature uses tech that Google has been working on since 2018, and it seems like the time is now riper than ever to make it so that this tech can be used. It has been fed videos so that it can recognize what noises to cancel out and what to leave prominent, and this means that you would only hear what the person is saying, not any background noises that might be coming with them. This feature is being rolled out to all G Suite users and will prove to be a real game changer in the months to come.

Hat Tip: VentureBeat.

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