Google Meet is all geared up to compete with Zoom

Google Meet, which was previously known as Hangouts Meet, announced that Meet calls now can display up to 16 participants, which is the same layout that its rival app, Zoom displays.

Google Meet has boasted that they are going to incorporate much-enhanced AI lightening and noise cancellation effects too in their video calls.

Google calls and messaging services have always lacked in one way or the other, but with the current situation of the world, where working from home is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, Google has been trying really hard to up its game, especially when there is a strong competitor app like Zoom around.

Previously Google Meet displayed only 4 participants in a video call. But now, the layout has improved, and 16 participants can be displayed at once. But Zoom is still ahead in the game, as it allows the display of almost 50 participants in a call.

However, this is just for the number of people that can appear on the screen at once. In regard to total spectators, for G Suite Enterprise users, Meet can support almost 250 people, 100 people for G Suite Basic, and 150 for G Suite Business.

In comparison, Zoom can display 50 simultaneous video streams in one go. So, this is where it is still ahead of Google Meet, but whether this feature is practical in usage or not, that is questionable.

Realizing its shortcomings, Google Meet has come up with more updates this week, which give it an edge over Zoom.

Meet will now allow streaming a single Chrome tab instead of opening another window or screen. Sharing a single tab will allow better video quality, with improved lighting effects.

Due to AI enhancement, better videos in low light have also been made possible, but this feature is only available for mobile users at the moment.

For desktop users, laptops, MacBook’s and webcams need additional features and enhancements for this feature to work fully. So, Google is taking its time right now, with a promise that it will give a wonderful and unique video experience in the future!

Another upgrade that Google has been working on is the noise cancellation feature during a call. Any background noise like that of children or animal sounds can disrupt an entire meeting.

All these sounds and noises are going to be canceled in Google Meet calls from now on. However, Zoom already had this feature, but it had limited usage. It only worked when participants were silent.

Google noise cancellation feature will work in all circumstances, whether the participants are quiet, or they are speaking. So, this is where Google Meet again gets a point above Zoom.

But Zoom is extremely popular amongst users, and to match its popularity and compete with it, Google Meet will have to work harder.

It is still good to see that Google Meet is a lot better in functionality in comparison to how it used to be before. So, keeping the fingers crossed, and hopes high, let us wish that maybe one day, Google Meet will become more popular that Zoom and all other rival applications.

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