Twitter Rolls Out Fleets Feature In India

On Tuesday, Twitter announced that it is rolling out the Fleets feature in India. Fleets are Twitter’s version of Stories to allow users to post ephemeral content to its  micro-blogging platform. Twitter stated that the company is still testing the Fleets feature, and this feature is available in Brazil as well as Italy.

Fleets feature is Twitter’s way to let users share content that is less accessible to people across the globe. You can visit someone’s public profile on Twitter and see their Fleets. They are not private Stories and are placed at the top of the screen. However, Fleets will not circulate across the platform, and show up in Moments or Search. Moreover, users cannot embed Fleets on a third-party website.

Twitter India stated in a tweet that the company is testing the Fleets feature. Fleets can be a way for users to think out loud without the Retweets, Likes, or replies. Twitter India stated that the best part is that Fleets automatically disappear after twenty-four hours.

India is considered a key overseas country for a lot of US technology companies. India is the second biggest internet market and according to App Annie, a mobile insight firm, Twitter’s active users in India were around 55 million during April of this year. While, there are over 350 million monthly active users of Facebook in India.

In India, Twitter has been scrutinized for not taking immediate action against the spread of misleading information. This is the first time in many years that the platform is introducing a new feature to India promptly. Twitter India’s Managing Director, Manish Maheshwari stated that India is crucial for the platform as this region is one of the most significant as well as fastest-growing audience markets worldwide. The company is excited to make India one of the first 3 countries to experience this new feature.

Twitter is probably the last major social network to explore the Story-inspired feature. Stories feature was conceptualized by Snapchat, and the feature has been replicated by major social networks including YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Spotify has also announced that it is testing a similar feature.

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