Gmail Now Supports Google Meet Video Conferencing

The pandemic crisis that we are currently going through has made it so that in a lot of ways we are struggling to ensure that our industries remain alive. The tech industry in particular has pivoted its approach as well as the overall goals it had in mind due to the reason that this could be seen as an opportunity for companies working in this sector to make it so that they can end up optimizing the level of revenue that they would be able to ensure in this regard.

Zoom has taken advantage of this by becoming the go to for people who want to take part in conference calls and the like but there are a number of other companies that are also working on conference calls and video chats. Google is feeling the pressure that Zoom is placing on it and as a result of the fact that they have been lagging behind in this area, Gmail has now been integrated with Google Meet, namely video conferencing, a feature that was previously only reserved for G Suite users.

Some users have already started seeing the start a conference option in their Gmail, and this is a lot like the Hangouts feature that a lot of people used to use, a feature that ended up going away without anyone making too much of a fuss about it. While a wider rollout of this feature is yet to come, it’s fair to say that Google will want to make it happen sooner rather than later due to the reason that until and unless this feature is made widely available the tech giant that is normally ahead of the curve will find itself struggling to keep up, something that serves as a stark reminder of the times we live in and how the world might be very different once we come out the other side.

Screenshot: G Suite Updates, Google Blog.

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