On The Footprints Of Google: Facebook Is Now Showing Wikipedia Snippets in Search Results

Facebook has been trying to update a wide variety of its features for quite some time now, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that it is trying to remain competitive in a tech industry that has become increasingly cutthroat, so much so that it’s fair to say that you simply won’t be able to get ahead if you rest on your laurels which is a fact that Facebook seems to be painfully aware of all in all.

One area of the social media platform that had yet to be properly optimized and updated was the search feature, but if recent indications are anything to go by then this means that the search results are finally going to have something new to offer. The way this works is that for the most part you would start seeing snippets from Wikipedia articles in your search results. This would of course only happen if you were searching for individuals or influencers that actually have a strong presence on social network but regardless it is a pretty important thing to keep in mind.

One thing to bear in mind is that by doing this Facebook is most certainly moving into search engine territory. Google has been a rival of this social media platform for quite some time now and Facebook has as of yet been unable to compete with its nemesis at least in terms of search engines which is Google’s main product, although Facebook has won in the social media sector which is where it specializes. This marks Facebook’s another real foray into search engine territory, and it indicates that a lot more changes might end up coming through in the future that are going to make Facebook search even more powerful than it currently is and this will definitely be quite exciting to see all in all. Just recently, Facebook was spotted test a Google-inspired weather card right in its search results, which shows just how the social networking giant is trying its best to keep users on its platform.

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