Facebook aims to fight child exploitation online, collaborates with like-minded tech companies

Facebook joined hands with Google, Microsoft, and 15 other tech companies to fight child exploitation online. In this regard, the companies jointly announced the Project Protect to combat child sexual abuse on their platforms.

The Project Protect will work to protect kids online and expand their efforts for the span of the next 15 years. Antigone Davis, Facebook Global Head of Safety, further said that the brightest minds from the tech industry are working behind the Project Protect and the collaboration will surely help solve one of the biggest problems of society today.

The prime focus of Project Protect will remain on the five key aspects: tech innovation, collective action, independent research, information and knowledge sharing, and transparency and accountability.

In this regard, Facebook has made its photo and video-matching technologies open source. This would enable industry partners and other stakeholders to easily detect abusive content and hash-share for seamless communication with each other.

The social media giant further said that it is running PhotoDNA on all links shared on their apps from other sources to detect child exploitation from other areas of the World Wide Web. The company is also sharing all violating content with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Facebook announced a similar safety tool for its Messenger last month as well. The new feature provides tips to users on how they can spot suspicious activity and encouraging user’s under 18 to be warier when talking to adults. They also emphasized the users to block or ignore a contact when interaction doesn’t seem normal.

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